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The BSB Member Forum convenes twice a year and brings together 12 senior representatives from the BSB membership over a two-year period. The forum shares some of the thinking and obtains feedback about the BSB’s key areas of work and, importantly, create a sustained mechanism to facilitate dialogue and debate.

This is event is by invitation and for BSB members only. To find out more about BSB membership, please visit Membership or contact

The knowledge-sharing seminar will explore evolving approaches on how to foster a better speak up culture.

The discussion will be led by the BSB Insights team, made up of behavioural and data scientists, and three senior speakers from BSB member firms, who will share the different approaches that they have been pioneering within their teams. They will be joined by Rowena Russell, Associate Director of Business, The Old Vic, who will share valuable insights from a different industry.


  • Catherine Dineley, Group Head of Culture, Lloyd’s Banking Group
  • Helen Smith, Senior Manager, People and HR strategy, HSBC
  • Thomas Colley, Head of Employee Communications, HSBC
  • Rowena Russell, Associate Director of Business, The Old Vic
  • Kate Coombs, Senior Behavioural Scientist, BSB

This is event is by invitation and for BSB members only. To find out more about BSB membership, please visit Membership or contact

BSB CEO Alison Cottrell and BSB Board Member Saker Nusseibeh will both be speaking at the 5th Annual Culture and Conduct Forum for the Financial services Industry on 14 November. Alison will be taking part in a panel on who to encourage a culture of Speaking and Listening Up while Saker will be taking part in a panel exploring how to measure culture.

BSB Board members Dame Susan Rice and Saker Nusseibeh will both be contributing to Ethical Finance 2019 in October. Organised by the Global Ethical Finance Initiative (GEFI) this event will bring together business, political, civic and social leaders of society in Edinburgh to network, share, co-develop and shape a fairer, more sustainable financial system.

The 23rd World Conference of Banking Institutes is being held this year in London for the first time since 1979. BSB CEO Alison Cottrell will be taking part in a panel on 16 September exploring what has changed since the financial crisis.

You can catch BSB CEO Alison Cottrell talking about leadership and culture in banking at the Westminster Business Forum policy conference on September 5: Culture and conduct in financial services – the impact of new regulation, developing healthy work cultures and the role of senior managers.

Managing organisational culture is an important board and senior management responsibility, and Internal Audit has a key role to play in providing boards with the assurance that measures put in place to manage behaviour and culture are working.

In 2017 we brought together Internal Audit professionals from across our member firms to explore how they were considering or responding to this challenge.

Two years on, it seems an appropriate time to revisit this theme and see what has been learned and what has changed. In a BSB-facilitated knowledge-sharing seminar under Chatham House Rule, three senior speakers from Internal Audit at BSB member firms will lead the discussion and share the different approaches that they have been pioneering within their teams.They will be joined by Dr Ian Peters, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors, who will give his perspective on the role of Internal Audit in assessing and reporting on culture.

Areas for discussion will include:

  • how the firms’ approaches have evolved two years on;
  • case studies on what has worked well and what could have worked better;
  • in-house and external tools and resources, such as the BSB Assessment;
  • incorporating behavioural science to understand the drivers of culture;
  • approaches and challenges to auditing culture globally; and
  • effective reporting and making recommendations for intervention.


  • David Abbotts, Global Head of Regulatory Compliance, Legal, Conduct and Culture Audit at HSBC
  • Nicola Baillie, Senior Audit Manager, People and Culture at Lloyds Banking Group
  • Manjyot Bhambra, Manager, Behavioural Risk Team at RBS
  • Dr Ian Peters MBE, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors


This is event is by invitation and for BSB members only. To find out more about BSB membership, please visit Membership or contact

The Building Societies Association annual conference takes place on 23 and 24 May 2019.

On the first day of the conference, our Director of Policy, Research and Strategy Helen Reeve-Morris will speak on a panel with representatives from the Family Building Society, the FCA, Smart Money People and Starling Bank on the question ‘is the increased focus on culture a threat or an opportunity?’

Find further information about the Building Societies Association and the conference.

BSB CEO Alison Cottrell will be taking part in a panel at the Lifetime Saving Association’s annual Investment Conference on 8 March, talking about the lessons the investment industry might learn from banking to instigate cultural change.

The BSB will host a Building Societies roundtable in Leeds, looking at the ways in which organisations build and maintain a trustworthy culture. It will provide an opportunity to share ideas and experience, and to hear about the BSB’s work. Andrew Craddock, CEO Darlington Building Society, Paul Ellis, CEO Ecology Building Society, and Tim Bowen, CEO Penrith Building Society, will join us to share reflections and thoughts on managing culture and working with the BSB.

This event is by invitation only and will be held on a Chatham House basis. For more information please email