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We at the BSB visited some of our member firms around the country to hear from Chairs, CEOs, managers and apprentices about their work, their people, what makes them tick, and why culture and standards of competence and behaviour (and, of course, BSB membership) matter to them and their business. For a glimpse into the lives of a range of different organisations, click on the short films below; and we will be on the road again soon to bring more insights from other BSB members, so watch this space…

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CEO Amyn Fazal, branch manager Kate Cunningham, head of mortgages Michelle Cole and business service administrator Wendy Bird showed us around their branch and offices in...

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09 December

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At Unity Trust's central Birmingham offices we spoke to CFO Clare Gosling, head of transformations Matt Glover and customer services adviser Ben Heywood....

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09 December

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Cambridge & Counties Bank is represented in this film by CEO Mike Kirsopp, financial accountant Katie Garrick, senior underwriter Mark Smith and Alex Churchill, business development...

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09 December