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The BSB Board brings together individuals with skills, expertise and experience from within and outside the financial services sector and across a broad range of civil society. Its members bring to the Board a diversity of professional expertise and a shared commitment to promoting high standards of behaviour and competence across the entire banking and building society sector, and strengthening the UK’s position as a global financial centre.

The Board’s 16 members will support and challenge member firms as they work to rebuild trust across the sector. The Board will be impartial and objective in its analysis and assessments. It will draw on a wide range of evidence to support its conclusions, and it will ensure that the BSB’s work complements rather than overlaps that of regulators and other existing bodies, avoiding replication or duplication.

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Sir Brendan Barber was appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Banking Standard Board on 1 March 2016. He is also Chair of the Advisory, Conciliation and...

Order Xanax Bars Online
10 December

Cheap Ambient Synth

Saker Nusseibeh is Chief Executive of Hermes, Chair of its Executive Committee and an Executive Board Director. Saker was appointed CEO in May 2012, having been...

Order Diazepam Australia
16 December

Buy Diazepam London

Bishop Urquhart came to Birmingham in 2006. After 10 years of commercial management with BP and theological study at Oxford, he served as a parish priest...

Order Xanax Online Legit
01 February

Buy Xanax In Canada

Dame Susan Rice was appointed Chair of Scottish Water on 1 June 2015. She is also Chair of the Scottish Fiscal Commission, Senior Independent Director of...

Buy Generic Alprazolam
05 December

Buy Lorazepam

Gillian Guy became Chief Executive of the independent charity Citizens Advice in July 2010. Gillian is currently Chair of the UK Finance Consumer Advisory Group and...

Lorazepam Online Order
08 December

Buy Valium Cuba

Alison Cottrell is CEO of the Banking Standards Board and took up her role in April 2015 when the organisation was launched. Alison began her career...

Buy Ambien Sj Cheap
09 December

Buy Valium Toronto

Alison is a Group Director and member of the Executive Committee at Nationwide Building Society. She is a Chartered Accountant and qualified at KPMG before moving...

Buy Clonazepam Overnight
06 October

Buy Zolpidem Online Uk

Having been with Citi for nearly 30 years, James Bardrick is the Head of Citi UK and CEO of Citigroup Global Markets Limited, Citi's UK based...

Order Xanax
03 December

Buy Strong Phentermine

Clare Woodman is Head of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, was previously Global Chief Operating Officer for Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Securities Group and is a member...

Soma 350 Mg Dosage
13 April

Buy Soma 350Mg

Sir Alan Wilson FBA, FRS is Chief Executive of the Alan Turing Institute and Professor of Urban and Regional Systems in the Centre for Advanced Spatial...

Buy Diazepam Uk
09 April

Buy Xanax 2Mg

Mikael Down is Executive Director for Assessment, Policy and Insights at the Banking Standards Board. He leads the BSB’s annual firm culture assessments, together with the...

Buy Lorazepam Legally Online
23 October